The Big Casinos In Belgium

You will therefore be able to find on this page, everything you want to know about the 9 main casinos that you can find in Belgium. We will then come back to each of them in more detail shortly through much more detailed reviews. For the moment, we therefore present to you the list of these gaming establishments which are the pride of our country and which we warmly recommend that you visit at least once in your life if you are passing by. Our list of Casinos in Belgium:

The Grand Casino Brussels

You’ve probably already guessed it, the Grand Casino de Bruxelles stands proudly in the heart of our European capital. Better known in the past under the name of Casino Viage, this very well-frequented gaming establishment is located near the Place de Brouckère and the Grande Place. The casino is in place in a very beautiful establishment that has been completely renovated in recent years, and offers many slot machines but also table games and fabulous shows and shows every month.

The Casino Of Dinant

Here we find an exceptional casino, whether in terms of reception, services offered or its architecture. Indeed, the Casino de Dinant, which is more often referred to by us as the ‘Grand Casino de Dinant’, has in fact very quickly become synonymous with pleasure and relaxation in a modern and charming setting. This title, the establishment necessarily owes to its location and its setting. Indeed, the Grand Casino de Dinant sits majestically in the heart of the Meuse valley, a region truly famous for its many castles full of history, but also for its fantastic tales and incredible legends.

The Chaudfontaine Casino

This casino is very often frequented by a large number of curists who have come to relax in a famous spa, while enjoying an exceptional games room in the evening. This Chaudfontaine Casino, which is also known as the Casino de Liège, is simply located just 10 minutes from the center of Liège. But what you need to know above all is that this complex is considered almost everywhere to be one of the most prestigious spas in Europe. It is therefore not for nothing that this one is particularly well noted everywhere, offering an irreproachable welcome in a truly warm, relaxed and festive setting.

The Casino Of Spa

The Casino de Spa has a title that we can never take away from it. Being built in 1763, it is indeed the oldest casino in the world. Originally frequented by Belgian high society, it must have seen the addition of a ballroom and a theater in 1769. Charged with events and change for centuries, it has been able to take advantage of many and new constructions and numerous renovations during the early 1980s. Equipped with a spa for its relaxation areas, this casino is always at the cutting edge of technology.