Month: February 2022


The Grand Casino Of Dinant

Dinant is not just a simple French-speaking city in Belgium located in the Walloon region and hosting a magnificent and renowned Casino. It is also the capital of the arrondissement in the province of Namur. Before introducing you to this fabulous gaming establishment which is the pride of the region, it is important to tell you a little about the city itself which is home to this casino and which is worth a visit. To locate Dinant exactly, you just need to know that it is built on the right bank of the Meuse, less than thirty kilometers from Namur, less than 20 km north of Givet among our French neighbors and just 90 kilometers north of south of Brussels.

The City Of Dinant

The city, known for having given its name to the manufacture of copper and brass objects: brassware, currently has more than 13,500 inhabitants according to the last census carried out last March. But in addition to its large casino, which we will present to you a little further down, you should know that the Meuse valley offers many monuments to visit between two games of poker at the casino tables or between two spins on the hundreds of slot machines. made available to you. Among these cult places to discover before or after your games, you can admire the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Leffe which is still inhabited by Premonstratensians or the tower and the caves of Mont-Fat and its cave “la Merveilleuse” which in a way make it a very high tourist spot in the Mosane region.

Many players used to indulging in the game of roulette at the Dinant casino are used, between sessions, to take advantage of the many river cruises that are organized from the city of Copères, the name of Germanic origin koper which means “Copper”. Like the gaming establishment at the Grand Casino de Dinant, the city and its cultural center quite often organize musical events. These are mostly related to the saxophone in order to pay homage to Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, who was born… you guessed it… in Dinant on November 6, 1814.

Crazy Roulette Games

You should know that, even if the Casino bears the nickname of large casino, it remains medium in size compared to other gaming establishments in our region. But that does not prevent it from having as its official name “Le Grand Casino Dinant”. But what immediately strikes visitors who often surrender body and soul in the midst of these thousands of games available to them, is to see the park of slots owned by the building which offers a large number of slot machines for a total of 150. Although the total number of live table games is rather small, this luxury casino offers a wide range of games such as Blackjack and Roulette that you enjoy much more. But the regulars and fond of poker are not left on the sidelines as they can enjoy cash table games with versions of poker like Texas Hold’em and participate in fabulous regular poker tournaments. In terms of on-site schedules, Le Grand Casino de Dinant offers its visitors the opportunity to play slot machines from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. and to embark on the adventure of live table games. from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.


The Chaudfontaine Casino

Today we present to you a very popular casino in Belgium. It is located in the Walloon Region, in the province of Liège. Before detailing the offers and services offered in this casino, it is important to locate it and tell you a little about the city that welcomes it with pride.

As its rather explicit name suggests, the City of Chaudfontaine has several thermal hot water springs, even the only ones in all of Belgium. This already makes this place an exclusive and privileged place that necessarily deserves that we linger a few minutes, on paper or during a visit on site.

For the record, you should know that the City of Chaudfontaine was nicknamed ‘the violet of thermal spas’ by Victor Hugo. So we find ourselves here in a city that welcomes many spa guests, all in search of relaxation and well-being. But it is also the center of attention for tourists attracted by the unspoiled natural landscape of the city and offering many trails that will lead you into the superb landscapes around Chaudfontaine… and its famous casino.

The Chaudfontaine Casino

We have just seen that Chaudfontaine was a town a few kilometers from Liège and that its thermal cures made its reputation. But let’s not forget its famous casino which invites you every day to come and measure yourself with cards, slot machines or even roulette.

This Casino is in fact part of the Partouche group, one of the biggest names in the casino world and therefore invites you to spend an evening under the theme of luck by rediscovering the magical atmosphere of the casinos while being only a few kilometers from the center. of Liège. Nothing better, after a day at the thermal baths for example, to dive into the world of games of chance after having dived in the jacuzzis. Whether for an outing with friends or family, this Chaudfontaine Casino will inevitably offer you all the best chances of winning the bet and leaving rich like Croesus!

Liège Casino

We must not forget that the Casino de Chaudfontaine is also known around the world under the name of Casino de Liège! Located just 10 minutes from the center of Liège, at Esplanade 1, this renowned establishment offers you the opportunity to take full advantage of the presence of a casino in the heart of one of the most prestigious spas in Europe while ensuring you to be able to find a warm and relaxed atmosphere as soon as you arrive in the games rooms. You will inevitably feel this sensational party atmosphere that reigns on the premises. On this occasion, a special room bearing the name of “Paradou room” offers you a magical setting to organize its events, but also to allow its customers to organize their own private parties.


The Big Casinos In Belgium

You will therefore be able to find on this page, everything you want to know about the 9 main casinos that you can find in Belgium. We will then come back to each of them in more detail shortly through much more detailed reviews. For the moment, we therefore present to you the list of these gaming establishments which are the pride of our country and which we warmly recommend that you visit at least once in your life if you are passing by. Our list of Casinos in Belgium:

The Grand Casino Brussels

You’ve probably already guessed it, the Grand Casino de Bruxelles stands proudly in the heart of our European capital. Better known in the past under the name of Casino Viage, this very well-frequented gaming establishment is located near the Place de Brouckère and the Grande Place. The casino is in place in a very beautiful establishment that has been completely renovated in recent years, and offers many slot machines but also table games and fabulous shows and shows every month.

The Casino Of Dinant

Here we find an exceptional casino, whether in terms of reception, services offered or its architecture. Indeed, the Casino de Dinant, which is more often referred to by us as the ‘Grand Casino de Dinant’, has in fact very quickly become synonymous with pleasure and relaxation in a modern and charming setting. This title, the establishment necessarily owes to its location and its setting. Indeed, the Grand Casino de Dinant sits majestically in the heart of the Meuse valley, a region truly famous for its many castles full of history, but also for its fantastic tales and incredible legends.

The Chaudfontaine Casino

This casino is very often frequented by a large number of curists who have come to relax in a famous spa, while enjoying an exceptional games room in the evening. This Chaudfontaine Casino, which is also known as the Casino de Liège, is simply located just 10 minutes from the center of Liège. But what you need to know above all is that this complex is considered almost everywhere to be one of the most prestigious spas in Europe. It is therefore not for nothing that this one is particularly well noted everywhere, offering an irreproachable welcome in a truly warm, relaxed and festive setting.

The Casino Of Spa

The Casino de Spa has a title that we can never take away from it. Being built in 1763, it is indeed the oldest casino in the world. Originally frequented by Belgian high society, it must have seen the addition of a ballroom and a theater in 1769. Charged with events and change for centuries, it has been able to take advantage of many and new constructions and numerous renovations during the early 1980s. Equipped with a spa for its relaxation areas, this casino is always at the cutting edge of technology.